April 8th 2017

I always wanted to make SUCH THINGS! Here's a brand new instrumental piece from GORÓD's upcoming album. Again, I was lucky to cooperate with fantastic Josef Sälzle, who created this beautiful video. And now, turn on your senses and let the pulses of the evening Vistula boulevards seize you!


March 14th 2017

It's been a week full of work and excitement. Finally, after a few months of recording and mixing my new project - OGRÓD - has its premiere!

With this music video, I'd love to invite you to our Ogród.
"Kryjówka" is a special piece that truly influenced the vision of the upcoming album, so we just couldn't imagine any other track for our first single.


July 1st 2016

I'm synesthete. For me, there is no difference between writing music and painting an abstract image. That's why visual arts stimulate my musical creativity so much. Why am I saying this? Because of an extraordinary collaboration I've had a chance to join.

Inside this white room, you can see and feel and most of all hear an excerpt of my project MADS - SHAPES, which became a part of an art art exhibition/performance: TO CO JEST, JEST TYM, CZYM JEST? If you're in Krakow, it's open only until 10.07. Art Exhibition/Performance

More info here.


July 1st 2016

Lights - set! Camera - set! Actors - set!
That's right - the Kickstarter campaign is done, and we did it!
Now, the great team of The Follower can shoot - check the official FB profile to see how it goes.
Can't wait to see the results and write an awesome score for the production! The Follower Thank's to all of you, who supported The Follower!

More here.

THE FOLLOWER - Kickstarter campaign

June 4th 2016

When I consider working on various projects, a decision is either 'hell yes!!' or 'nope". Right from the first contact with Andre,
I knew THIS movie is something absolutely worth a try. I'm so excited to collaborate with a brilliant team of The Follower - A Short film by Toni Stintzing
The movie is on the way, and the whole team is already working hard, but still the help is needed. That's why the Kickstarter campaign is on! Join and support The Follower to make it as awesome as it supposes to be! THE FOLLOWER

For more info click here.


May 16th 2016

It's time for a family project. Yes, my older brother (Marcin Kulesza) is a filmmaker, and we decided to make something together. Here's the result of our second cooperation. This time, we've been exploring every little corner of our grandma's old house. Oh, she actually was there with us and didn't let us freeze to death.

It's a video clip for song from my previous project, featuring Ela Mazurkiewicz. Enjoy!


May 5th 2016

The other day Josef Sälzle wrote me an email and asked if he could use one of the tracks from my library. I couldn't stop watching the video he sent me, dynamic, thrilling, stunning. That was the impulse to exchange ideas and create something together. We let our imagination work freely.

The effect is far better than we expected and I am extremely happy and glad to share it with you all. THIS is what happens when you work with the right person. Can't wait for our future cooperations!

Enough talking, just watch and listen:

Click here for more technical details about a whole process.


December 20th 2015

It's done.

I am extremely happy to present you my latest album released as MADS - SHAPES.
The title is a kind of representation of my artistic process and perception of sound.
To create music I use shapes, colors, textures, dusts and fogs. I mix them, shake them, move them and distort them. It's like painting an abstract picture that deeply stimulates senses. I hope you can feel it too.

Special thanks to most awesome Kuba Mozolewski for artworks, Kamil Łazikowski for mastering and Ela Mazurkiewcz for patience and support.

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